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Jumbo Reverse Mortgage (AAG Advantage)

With AAG you have the advantage when it comes to jumbo reverse mortgages. In Willow Park, TX, Mary Robb is teaching seniors who are 62 and older how to use this tool for their benefit. 

The development of proprietary reverse mortgage loans was a natural outgrowth of HECMs. They were designed for and continue to serve owners of higher-value homes — those exceeding FHA loan limit guidelines — which allow borrowers to access more of their home’s value. For example, Jumbo Reverse mortgage takes into account home values of up to $10 million. 

As a best practice, most jumbo reverse mortgage lenders offer borrowers some of the same consumer protections as those available with a HECM. For example, the AAG Advantage Jumbo Reverse Mortgage Loan is a non-recourse loan just as a HECM is, meaning neither you nor your heirs will have to pay the difference if the loan value exceeds the home’s value when the mortgage becomes due.

Since jumbo reverse mortgage loan payments aren’t FHA-guaranteed products, borrowers don’t have to pay upfront or ongoing mortgage insurance premiums, which can produce substantial savings over the life of the loan. 

Although jumbo reverse mortgages offer owners of high-value homes many advantages, protections differ from HECM protections. Therefore, prospective borrowers of jumbo reverse mortgages need to be clear about what these protections are. 

Why Choose the AAG Advantage Jumbo Loan?

Do you own a high-value home and are looking into a reverse mortgage or refinance loan? At AAG, we proudly offer older Americans the ability to access up to $4 million in loan proceeds from either solution. As you begin planning to improve your retirement with the help of home equity, be sure to chat with an AAG professional to see which option may be the better solution.

Access Up to $4 Million

Access Up to $4 Million

Withdraw significantly more equity and take all available proceeds in one lump sum.

One Loan from One Lender

One Loan from One Lender

Receive the maximum proceeds from your high-value home with the convenience of a single lender.

No Mortgage Insurance Required

No Mortgage Insurance Required

The AAG jumbo loan products do not require mortgage insurance, unlike traditional reverse mortgage and refinance loans.


Who is an AAG Jumbo Loan Good For?

If you own a high-value property and are looking to access your home equity, a jumbo loan—either a reverse mortgage or refinance—could be a great choice that can help elevate your financial situation in retirement. With a jumbo loan from AAG, you can use the proceeds to pay off bills or purchase a new home. Chat with an AAG professional to see which option may suit your specific situation.

The Maximizer
Did you purchase your home when prices were low or has your home value grown over the years? Use the monthly or lump sum payments from a reverse mortgage loan or the proceeds from a refinance loan to supplement your social security and other income without tapping into your investment portfolio (consult with your financial advisor).
The Thoughtful Planner
You’ve spent years investing in your home and now you want to tap into that nest egg and enjoy it. Access your hard-earned equity so you can make the most of your retirement years.

Which Jumbo Loan Is Right for Me?

Because every situation is different, there is no silver bullet. The best way to determine whether a jumbo reverse mortgage or jumbo refinance loan is right for you is to have a conversation with one of our home equity solutions professionals.

Introducing the AAG Advantage Jumbo Reverse Mortgage Loan

For those homeowners who qualify, we now offer the AAG Advantage reverse mortgage loan, a unique solution created exclusively for high-value homeowners. Unlike a traditional reverse mortgage loan, the AAG Advantage jumbo loan is a private reverse mortgage offering that allows borrowers to access up to $4 million of their home equity in tax-free¹ cash. The loan has a fixed rate and allows you to take out the money in one lump sum at closing.

The AAG Advantage loan is like a traditional reverse mortgage in that:

¹Consult your tax advisor.
²You cannot lose your home under normal circumstances and so long as you pay your taxes and insurance and otherwise comply with the loan terms.

What Does It Take to Qualify for the AAG Advantage Loan?

To qualify for the AAG Advantage, borrowers must at a minimum meet the following requirements.

³The Advantage product options have a minimum age requirement of 55 in all states, with the exception of NY and WA in which the minimum age is 60 and UT, NC, and TX in which the minimum age requirement is 62.

Features and Safeguards

As a proprietary reverse loan offering that resembles the functions of a traditional reverse mortgage, the AAG Advantage has several safeguards in place to protect borrowers.

Ready to explore these options? Call AAG and speak with one of our professionals today at (800) 224-9121.



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